Justin Trudeau as a BlueHead

After our launch on Reddit, we received our first big order from the Liberal Party of Canada. 900 Cookie Cutters of Justin Trudeau. It actually gained some controversy as his cookie cutters were going to be used for a fundraising campaign, where if you donated $250 or more, you would receive the exclusive Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutter and a chance to win a dinner with the finance minister. The fundraiser was cancelled but the cookie cutter order was not. With the help of Andre Tiemann at 3D Draft Print and 3DPhacktory, we printed, packaged and shipped 900 Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters in just over 3 weeks (Which was not an easy task to say the least.)

The Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters can now be purchased on the Liberal Website for $19.99




Genia ShapiraJustin Trudeau as a BlueHead
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