Frequently Asked Questions

BlueHeads are custom made 3D printed cookie cutters. They make great personalized gifts for loved ones and special occasions.

There’s no need to break your piggy bank! BlueHeads are extremely affordable at $25 per BlueHead. There is no tax and shipping is free to Canadian and American addresses. The memories created are priceless!

Our current payment method is PayPal. You can use your Visa, Mastercard or Amex through the PayPal Checkout.

BlueHeads are made from PET+ Plastic.

Yes, the plastic used (PET+) is the only 3D filament plastic that is FDA approved to be food safe.

Yes. Any orders consisting of four or more BlueHeads will receive a 20% discount. Simply add the code “FourOrMore” at the checkout to activate the discount.

Making a BlueHead takes 1-3 days from your design to creation, packaging and processing.

Shipping cost varies based on region.
Shipping to Canadian and American addresses is free for standard delivery.
Shipping to International addresses cost $5.00 per BlueHead for standard delivery.

Yes, Blueheads ships worldwide.

Shipping times will vary from 7-10 business days depending on the region. Please allow an additional three days for creating and processing the BlueHeads.

We are happy to offer a refund in the case you receive flawed or broken merchandise. Simply take a picture of your BlueHead and send it to We will refund your payment within 7 business days.

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