Justin Trudeau as a BlueHead

After our launch on Reddit, we received our first big order from the Liberal Party of Canada. 900 Cookie Cutters of Justin Trudeau. It actually gained some controversy as his cookie cutters were going to be used for a fundraising campaign, where if you donated $250 or more, you would receive the exclusive Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutter and a chance to win a dinner with the finance minister. The fundraiser was cancelled but the cookie cutter order was not. With the help of Andre Tiemann at 3D Draft Print and 3DPhacktory, we printed, packaged and shipped 900 Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters in just over 3 weeks (Which was not an easy task to say the least.)

The Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters can now be purchased on the Liberal Website for $19.99




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Genia ShapiraJustin Trudeau as a BlueHead

BlueHeads – The Story

BlueHeads started last year when I wanted to get a Christmas present for my team at Canadian Living. I had recently began working at the magazine and wanted to leave a lasting impression with my new co-workers. I knew I couldn’t impress them with my “Cooking Abilities”, especially with the girls in the test kitchen baking up a storm every day, so I had to think outside the cookie box. That’s when BlueHeads was born.

Well… Not exactly then.

Christmas day came and I left a box with 5 cookies and a 3D printed cookie cutter for each co-worker. I didn’t expect much, but the response I got was more than I could have ever imagined. The gift went viral on the companies email server. I had TC Media executives emailing me asking about the gift. It was also blogged on the Canadian Living website as “The Best Foodie Gift Ever”. That blog was the stepping stone to my development. It got me a meeting with the founder of Bitstrips, and an investment offer to create a start-up.

It’s been a year of hard work; working late nights, weekends spent in front of the computer and personal savings gone into development, but it was all worth it. The last year has taught me more about business than I could have ever learned in school. It also drafted me into the complicated world of 3D printing, and introduced me to talented people who have helped me along the way.

I came into this thinking it would be nothing more than a side project to impress a few co-workers, and it turned into a full fled business.
…So lesson learned, you never know what can happen when you think outside the cookie box.

-Genia Shapira
Founder / Creative Director


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Genia ShapiraBlueHeads – The Story